Welcome to my blog!

Hi there!

I am Bhaskar, thanks for visiting.

I am an accidental technology evangelist. My first real love is understanding people. what makes them tick ? what moves them in life ? Naturally, I got curious about the business of consumer technology that simplified our lives like never before. This slowly became my new religion.

I truly believe that technology will fundamentally change the way brands & businesses are built online. While most marketers admit to have leanings towards this new online religion, their rituals remain in the offline world. This is sacrilege & I dont think this works. I am inspired by Larry Page who once famously said that his method for solving complex problems was by reducing them to binaries & simply choosing the best option. This blog will focus on those people, brands, events, use cases of applying technology meaningfully & at scale.

1 & 0, I believe are the only numbers that truly matter because any metric in life that truly matters starts with a 1 & ends with a 0. Like my daughter’s birth date – 10 🙂

Follow this blog if you are keen on People, Brands & how technology is influencing both. Thank you for your time. 




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